TIME and DESIGN is a design firm located in Kyoto, Japan. We make and sell tapestries and other fabric interior products in Kyoto, Japan, using cloth dyed by a traditional dyer and designed by Yuki, the designer of the brand. Our design studio is located in a corner of a dyeing factory in Kyoto.

In our production activities, we have made fashion-related projects into an independent brand as “kYOTO CANVAS”. The line of clothes inspired by Kyoto’s scenery is very unique and can be seen in person in Kyoto or purchased in our online store!

We offer a fabric-themed tour menu here in Kyoto, produced by fabric artist Yuki.  People from all over the world visit us after seeing our work on social networking sites such as Instagram.

What would you do if you had a piece of cloth? I am Yuki, a fabric artist. My artistic expression is done with fabric. I start by dyeing cloth with patterns that I have designed myself, and then I use the cloth to create interior items and fashion products. The scraps from the process are then used with paints to create abstract paintings. Cloth is an essential part of my creative process as a fabric artist.

A few things we’re great at

We are creative. And we want to share it with you!

Home Decorating Proposals

We create tapestries and other interior items created with the desire to incorporate Japanese-inspired design into modern interiors.

Fashion Proposals

We create comfortable, easy-to-wear clothing for everyone, with square-shaped, Kyoto-like patterned designs, and suggest ways to wear them.

Helping you to travel creatively in Kyoto

We love Kyoto, our creative home. In Kyoto, we have many ideas for creative activities that go beyond just visiting famous tourist attractions, and we are happy to introduce them to you.

Our Social Media Activities

Let’s exchange ideas through social media!


Interior items that decolate your room with the spirit of Japan


Hand-dyed fabrics and fashion items inspired by the beautiful scenery of Kyoto,JAPAN.


TIME and DESIGN’s partner company in Kyoto.
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Hello, my name is Yuki. I run a design company in Kyoto and am deeply involved with Kyoto craftsmen. Fabric is an essential part of my creative process, so under the title of Fabric Artist, I make something every day and post it on social media to share with the world. After graduating from an art university in Kyoto, I worked in Tokyo, Osaka, and several cities in the US before returning to Kyoto to start my own company. I am convinced that Kyoto is a very creative city and I want to share that joy with creative people all over the world. I am a very friendly person. Please feel free to send me a message through any social networking service that is convenient for you.